Merging the talents of a multi platinum award-winning songwriter-producer with those of a twice Grammy-nominated film and TV composer, the music of Sean Hosein and James Guttridge is a unique hybrid. Seamlessly mixing traditional score with a modern production sound, they create diverse, dynamic and memorable soundtracks.

Jim and Sean have Canadian and UK/EU citizenship and meet all the requirements for treaty coproductions. They have studio facilities in Canada and Paris, France. Hitower Studio Los Angeles is located in the historic Hightower house and offers a quiet, relaxed, modern environment for directors and collaborators.


Scoring and soundtrack credits include films and television projects for Fox, Sony, Warner, Spike, SyFy, and Universal among others, and includes the title track for “Runaway Bride” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Most recently HiTower completed the music for ‘Riverworld’ a sci-fi series based on the best-selling books by Philip José Farmer and “Dawn Rider” a western starring Donald Sutherland and Christian Slater. Jim and Sean are currently scoring the CW series “Beauty and the Beast”


Jim Guttridge / Sean Hosein

Songwriting credits include hit songs such as, “Stole” for Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child, earning Top Ten on Radio & Records U.S., #1 on Canada’s MuchMusic and debuting at #2 on the U.K. charts; “Surrender” for Laura Pausini, hitting #1 on U.S. Billboard’s Hot Dance. 98 Degrees’ “Invisible Man” went Top Ten on Billboard, pushing sales of 98 Degrees & Rising over triple platinum. The Corrs self-titled CD sold ten million albums worldwide, topping the U.K. charts for a record 97 weeks.


  • Grammy Award - ‘Gift of Christmas’ (Nom) Andrae Crouch
  • Grammy Award - ‘Falice in Wonderland’ – Gwar
  • Leo Award - ‘Once in a Blue Moon’,
  • Leo Award - ‘Ronnie and Julie’,
  • Leo Award - Big and Hairy’
  • Leo Award - ‘Zacharia’
  • Leo Award - White Crane’ (Noms)
  • Gemini & Genie Awards - ‘Voyage of the Unicorn’ (Nomination)
  • ITVA (International TV Award) – ‘Dinosaur’
  • Telly Awards – Voyage of the unicorn.
  • West Coast Music Award, 1993,1997 – Connie Russell/98 degrees
  • Socan Award, 2000, 2003 & 20004 – Laura Pausini
  • 2009 Juno Award – (Nom) – Elise Estrada
  • 10X Platinum – “Forgiven Not Forgotten” – Corrs
  • 4X Platinum – 98 Degrees – “98 Degrees and Rising”
  • 1X Platinum – Runaway Bride Soundtrack
  • 2000 Gold Record – Jessica Simpson “Sweet Kisses”
  • 3x Platinum Award (Sales) for the album ‘Bulletproof’ K-Otic
  • 2X Platinum Award (Sales) for the album ‘Otown’ Otown
  • Gold Award (Sales) for the album ‘From The Inside’ Laura Pausini
  • Gold Award (Sales) for the album ‘M2M’ M2M
  • Gold Award (Sales) for the album ‘Stacie Orrico’ Stacie Orrico
  • Gold Award (Sales) for the album, ‘Simply Deep’ Kelly Rowland
  • Platinum Award (Sales) for the album ‘Now 8′ Compilation
  • 2x Platinum Award (Sales) for the album ‘Famous Last Words’ Hedley
  • Platinum Award (Sales) for the album ‘This Christmas’ 98 Degrees